It won’t be easy, and there aren’t any quick fixes, but I am willing to do the hard work to build opportunity, transform Erie, and restore hope. Details and plans matter. Through my experience and proven leadership, I will tackle the tough and complex issues facing our great City with bold ideas, swiftness, and collaboration. No one person has all the answers. As a leader in transforming Erie, I will listen to business and nonprofit leaders, city employees, neighborhood and community leaders, education leaders, life-long residents, transplants, immigrants, and anyone who lives in and around the City of Erie. Our city is at a crucial turning point.  We must turn around the job and population loss that started in the late 1960s.

As Mayor, I will develop safe neighborhoods


fight blight

  • Lift the ban on large item garbage pickup
  • Work with local builders and
    organizations like ServErie
    to help residents make affordable
    home improvements
  • Name a full-time city planner
    and a grant writer
    to execute
    Erie Refocused plan and
    secure funding

engage neighbors

  • Obtain resident input to implement Erie Refocused plan
  • Support the United Way’s Community Schools Initiative
    to empower Erie’s students
  • Partner with organizations like
    Eagle’s Nest Kids to educate
    and mentor our youth

reduce crime 

  • Increase lighting and cameras in crime hotspots
  • Implement police body cameras
    and work to diversify our
    police force
  • Grow police/community relationships through
    Unified Erie and the
    Police Athletic League

As Mayor, I will develop family-sustaining jobs



  • Establish a Mayor’s Business Council to strengthen collaboration
  • Expand the city’s revolving
    loan fund
    to support businesses
    and entrepreneurs
  • Create a Business Development
    to attract and grow jobs


  • Lead a service culture to
    make City Hall welcoming
  • Streamline and automate city
    to increase efficiency
  • Modernize the city website
    as a functional, mobile-friendly, one-stop resource


  • Engage city residents on
    through neighborhood
    forums and media
  • Set performance goals to hold
    myself and employees accountable
  • Analyze progress toward 5, 10, and 15-year plans