I want to be elected Mayor because I will provide visionary leadership and commitment to transform Erie into a growing, thriving community.


  1. Present myself, my views, background, capabilities, and vision clearly.
  2. Answer questions honestly, patiently, and completely.
  3. Meet with the people of Erie so they can share their ideas and get to know me, not only through the media, but also face-to-face, one-on-one, and in small groups.
  4. Be positive in all I do and say.  I will not criticize or speak negatively, in public or private, about any other mayoral candidate.  I want to work with them in the future for the good of the Erie region.
  5. Accept campaign contributions from individuals and groups who believe that I will lead our community to a brighter future.

as mayor, I WILL:

  1. Make tough, long-term decisions (including implementation of strategies in Erie Refocused, Emerge 2040, and the Downtown Partnership Plan) that will make Erie a better community.
  2. Meet regularly and work closely with neighborhood and civic leaders, planners, business and labor, nonprofits and social services, the media and funders to identify and implement projects that will ensure we realize our vision for the future.
  3. Meet regularly and work closely with Erie area employers, entrepreneurs and educators to create an environment that attracts more family-sustaining jobs.
  4. Meet regularly and work closely with the officials of the federal, state, and local governments, but especially with the county and surrounding municipalities.  This region is one community. By building synergies, our residents will have a better quality of life at a lower cost.
  5. Learn from City Hall employees – a valuable source of insight.  They have a hands-on knowledge of how to get things done.
  6. Continue to be active and visible in all segments of the Erie Community. 
  7. Deliver the best possible basic city services (Police, Fire, Public Works, etc.)
  8. Provide sound day-to-day financial management.