Opportunities - My Vision for Erie

It won’t be easy, and there aren’t any quick fixes, but I am willing to do the hard work to Build Opportunity for All. No one person has all the answers.  As a leader in transforming Erie, I will listen to business and nonprofit leaders, city employees, neighborhood and community leaders, education leaders, life-long residents, transplants, immigrants, and anyone who lives in and around the City of Erie. Our city is at a crucial turning point.  We must turn around the job and population loss that started in the late 1960s.


I envision:

  • A world-class Bayfront and Downtown bordered to the east, west and south by strong welcoming neighborhoods with safe and inviting public spaces.

  • Affordable housing in the heart of downtown Erie, particularly for young people and baby boomers drawn to city living.

  • Combining public initiatives with the announced $400 million private investment in downtown Erie.

  • More family-sustaining jobs by building strong relationships with Erie employers, entrepreneurs, and educators.

  • Communicating frequently with federal, state and local elected officials, especially the county and surrounding communities.

  • Working with the Superintendent and Erie School Board to obtain fair funding from the state.  We need to join together on common issues like property taxes to expand the tax base and reduce the burden on city residents.

  • For all this to succeed, we must deliver the best possible city services, including Police, Fire, Streets and Parks.

Ultimately, I want us to be able to look back on my time as mayor and remember an administration characterized by action, enthusiasm, and compassion - an administration that collaborated across communities to realize a vision bigger than one person or one city. Our legacy will be that Erie is a better place because we worked together to Build Opportunity for All.
— Joe Schember • January 11, 2017